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Recruitment is now open for a few players who are "Seriously Casual" on Steamwheedle Cartel - US. To determine if you are "is Seriously Casual" ready, please answer these simple questions.


  • Do you find yourself smiling while playing World of Warcraft?
  • Do you avoid LFR because you have already put your kids to bed and don't feel like watching other peoples kids?
  • Do you like to log in after a long day at work and have some laughter and fun?
  • Do you find yourself saying thank you to other players and perhaps even giving valuable answers to people asking legitimate questions in the trade channel?


  • Is your idea of a rough raid one where you run out of beverage (or chocolate) before bosses to down?
  • Is having fun is more important than being the first person on your server to have the newest purple pixels?
  • Is your idea of an intensive raid schedule one or two nights a week for a total of 4 - 5 hours a week?
  • Is your ideal guild one where you can go to have some friends to run quests and instances with, grind to 90 with, and have a small raid team that is responsible yet casual?


If you answered YES to the above questions, then you just might be Seriously Casual.


Seriously Casual is currently a very small guild of adults who would like to expand to a 10 - 12 person guild for Mists of Pandaria. We have done the hardcore raiding and have moved beyond it. We are here for the fun and companionship that comes with overcoming challenges together.


We do expect to do instances and raids in Mists of Pandaria, and expect everyone to pull their own weight. Just like any raider, you are expected to know your class, how to play your class, be prepared with consumables, enchants, gems, etc.


What you will NOT get here is anyone telling you what spec to play, no one will take your raid spot because it is a small guild and what is yours IS YOURS. You will not be subject to children because we don't allow them under 21 (they tend to get eaten by some of the undead players.)


If this sounds like a guild that you might be interested, please game mail Jinjinn or Mahre. We will set up a voice-chat "meeting" so that you can ask us questions and we can get to know you better.


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